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Just letting you know I haven't disappeared (again)! Been busy elsewhere on dA setting up a group and such, revamping other galleries and generally finding my way around here again. Waiting for the dust to settle a bit and then I shall be back for more LightxVanille fuzzies! (and other things)
Sorry for the bad humming. I just wanted to refresh the journal entry and say I MISS U GAIZ!! I want to update my gallery so bad... just not quite ready with the art yet. And big apologies to the many comments I didn't get around to replying. They were awesome comments! I just haven't been organised enough, I'M SO SORRY!! I'll be saying that for a while, because I really appreciate the comments I get. They be so funnee! So well, hope to see you, if not sooner then later (with more FFXIII art of course).

For anyone who's ever toyed with the idea of animating, this is a real bargain opportunity. For the price of less than the Debut version, you can get AS Pro for $19.99 until Jun 14. That's a crazy $180 off. I've been using AS Debut 7 and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I love AS for animating as I have loved Photoshop for digital art. It's newbie-friendly and most things are intuitive. I was able to get started after a quick read-thru of the quickstart guide and AS 101 guide and get my feet wet in animation. This is from someone who still can't do a single successful render with a 3D program. Even so, AS is full of features that can make your animations look spiffy, and professionals do use this software. For myself, I've made simple animations with it, which make for great birthday gifts x'D I can also see it being a nifty addition for those who offer commissions. And it's just plain fun.

The main stumble I had with AS was an ambiguity in selecting objects across layers. It seems to be a feature that was omitted in the Debut version, so the issue was poorly documented. My AS Pro friend managed to figure it out eventually though, when he realised that the Debut didn't have a Timeline option his Pro version had. Still, I've been able to do everything I wanted with Debut, but sometimes it's just more menial. Think "Photoshop CS" vs "Photoshop Elements" (which doesn't have layers). So I've been waiting to grab Pro when the price is right. Once, I had seen AS Pro for $70 during a Black Friday sale, but I wasn't ready to get it then. Lucky! Now here's an even better super duper deal. I was so amazed that i just had to spread the word. And yes, they take Paypal.

... This community service message was brought to you by AnimeStudio Fan...
As I'm typing this, AS Pro is downloading to my desktop xD
It's been a while since I've updated this gallery. I miss drawing Lightning x Vanille, and am hoping to find time for that at some stage. I've never offered yuri commissions before, but if some of you would be interested, I'd be happy to oblige.


Digital Full Colour - $40
Digital B&W Sketch - $15

Whatever I can fit into 960px x 800px image. As a quick guide, I can fit 1 full-body character, or 2 cropped-bodies (or full-body chibis). If the image is simple, I can add a background if you wish.

Guidelines: I draw the kinds of things you see in my gallery, which tends to be semi-realistic. The main thing is to follow dA rules. So please avoid things that would be marked as Mature/NSFW. I'll try my best to give you an awesome picture within these guidelines.

Slots are not on first-come basis. It depends on whether the request follows the guidelines.

Payment is through Paypal (which also accepts VISA and Mastercard)

SLOTS [Note or Email me your request]
1. :iconotakutaylor:
2. Amer

Thanks, and am hoping 2012 is treating you well!
Until I can think of a better title. Took a while to settle into the new house. Life is good. Got myself a new yuri pairing too, as a few lucky people got to learn of it by having to sit through my incessant ravings. There's quite a bit of dust here, so I hope to make my galleries a little more lively again. See you around!
Enough rambling, let's roll out the art.

- Yose
Update on where I am. Main thing is that internet is a rare commodity for me right now. Sorry I won't be able to catch up for a while, I can barely browse/upload.

I wrote about the move so far, when I had trouble sleeping, so it's kinda rambly…

On our visit to Thailand in March, my parents decided on a whim to buy a house and retire there. The living expenses are much cheaper than in Australia, so they'd be able to have a comfy time. I decided to accompany my parents, so here I am in Bangkok, Thailand. The house isn't built yet, so we're staying at various relative's places.

In Australia, my parents collected many books, and we found ourselves packing endlessly before the move. Even after painting and preparing the apartment for sale, there were still -more- things lying around. Luckily some family friends helped out and we managed to rush out to the airport an hour after we had planned. We caught the plane okay though.

Arriving at Bangkok airport, my uncle took us through customs. Had a bit of a glitch with my passport. In Thailand, I will have 3 different family names to deal with: my Thai name, my Ausralian name, and my Australian maiden name > _ <

Anyway, I got through passport control, and my uncle introduced us to his customs officer friends along the way. "This is my elder sister from Australia…" "Oh, hello! How do you do?" "… and her husband…" "Hello! Ah, and this must be their son?" "… daughter…" "Oh, daughter, hello!" … G'day to you too, gramps! X o

On going out of the airport, I felt the humid heat of the Rainy Season. I could hardly breathe, the air was so thick. The thought of a new life was also overwhelming. I haven't lived in Thailand for 25 years. I still feel like a tourist, but tell myself to behave like a local.

The first week and a half in Bangkok was busy with settling in. My mother had trouble getting clearance for the shipment we sent, because — like me — she also has 3 family names to juggle, and the shipment name didn't match her Thai name. Luckily, my customs uncle did more paperwork and got the shipment through without extra fees. Another uncle also arranged for the delivery of our things to one of his properties for temporary storage.

I'm realising that it'd be hard to get anything done in Thailand without knowing someone. If you know the right people, things can be done express, and with little or no expenses. This is in contrast to Australia, where people generally keep to themselves, and everyone gets treated more or less the same.

I wonder how my parents will be able to keep to their plan of a quiet retirement. I'm starting to worry that my t-shirt and jeans aren't gonna cut it in image-conscious Bangkok. My parents have to dress well, because my mother's relatives are quite high profile. I tend to stand a bit farther away, and they probably wonder if I'm the maid/carryboy. Right now, I'm gonna try and keep a low profile.

I miss the internet… Our new house won't be finished until around December, so we'll probably be like nomads until then. I'll try to update when I can. Take care nows.

This gallery is inspired by yuri, warrior women and samurais. Yosane represents all these facets, and is a character closest to my heart.

Through her and other characters here, I pay homage to the courage and freedom of those who walk their own paths.

— Yose